GreenRope Website Resources

These are websites created and managed using our software:

See - CRM.html - for websites built on our software!!


HTML/CSS Resource for building your website:

How to build your own custom RICH CRM website/template -

Building RICH CRM Websites Guide - HTML and CSS tutorials

Sliders (couple aren't responsive but should be easy to code):
- - smooth scroll script really good!

create your own Favico for your website - or - 50 Useful CSS3 designs - Ready to use CSS - Google Maps Embed Builder - Great tool for adding social media share buttons to your website! - search bar for website choose free package with branding - Great tool for building on page pop ups for marketing

styling a drop down -​

Want to build your own mobile app? Use - or (I prefer this one)

Facebook Developer widgets for websites - (most popular are Activity, Like Box and Comments)

Interesting "out of the box" sign up form ideas using Mad Lib-type content -

Online and digitial publishing - very cool resource -

Online RSS feed publisher -

Cool CSS animations and scripts -

Jquery UI customizing tools (what our software is based on) -

CSS Tricks and Styles -

Expanding buttons -

How to make a table responsive -

Image rotator instead of using a slider -

Jquery Load Div or Content area on click -

Jquery close button -

Filtered image gallery with categories -

Awesome galleries for websites -

Image linking map (very good tool!) -

Hover button effects -



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